The main function of the Bangladesh Stationery Office is to Collect different types of stationery items from home and abroad and to supply the items to Government Offices across the country, Bangladesh Stationery Office directly supplies paper and some printing materials to the three printing presses i.e Bangladesh Government press, Government printing press and Bangladesh Security printing press.

Bangladesh Stationery Office also directly Supplies Plain Security paper (Cartridge Paper) to the 64 district Treasury Office. But the supply of stationery items of diffenent Government, semi government and autonomous bodies is made Through the four Zonal Offices i.e Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna and Bogra Zonal Office. The Office actively Promotes Locally produced Stationery items and thus helps in the development of local industry.

Assistant Director (Procurement)
a. To hold the subordinate charges of :
(1) Procurement Section;
(2) Store-Accounts Section;
(3) Care-taking Section.

b. To be responsible for preparation of Indents for procurement o f stationery articles, office machinery and watermarked plain paper.
c. To be responsible for receiving the stores as per correct specification and terms and condition of the contract.
d. To be responsible for preparation of Proforma and store-Accounts.

Manager (Inspection)
a. To be responsible for examining, in detail; the consumption of stationery articles in the Government offices and tendering advice on the methods of control over the use of stationery stores.
b. To be responsible for visiting the Government offices to see that the stationery stores received and consumed by them are properly accounted for in the prescribed Register under initial of the Indenting Officer or any other officer authorised on his behalf.
c. To report to the Controller the instances of misuse, waste and extravagance.

Last Update : 04-02-2014

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