(1) To advise the Govt. in all matters connected with Printing and Stationery.
(2) To control all Govt. Offices against instance of neglect/breach of the Printing and stationery rules in force and report to Govt. in serious cases.
(3) To arrange periodical inspection of Govt. Offices and guide to maintenance of accounts and economic use of stationery articles and papers.
(4) To procure and supply of stationery articles, papers, office machineries and spares for Govt. offices in the country and Embassies/High Commissions abroad.
(5) To regulate the monetary allotment to Govt. Offices for utilization of stationery and Forms.
(6) To enlist Govt. Offices for supply of Stationery Articles, Forms and Publications.
(7) To receive for disposal of unserviceable stores and papers.
(8) To receive and scrutinize indents from Govt. offices in the country for supply of Stationeries, Forms and Publications.
(9) To print and supply all kinds of standard and non-standard Govt. Forms, Govt. Publications, Journals, Weekly Gazette Notification, Extra-ordinary Gazette Notification of all Govt. Offices.
(10) To undertake printing of Govt. Budget, Assembly proceedings, District Gazetteers, Audit Reports, Public Accounts Committee Reports, High Court Cause Lists, ADP Reports, Regulations and Ordinance, Manuals etc.
(11) To undertake secret printing of various wings and organization under the Ministry of Education and of various commissions.
(12) To print-produce Cypher codes of Defense services, various savings certificates, Bonds, Scheduled Bank Cheques and such other security documents of different Govt. Offices and Semi-Government/Autonomous bodies.
(13) To supervise and co-ordinate the works of all the unit offices/presses under the Department.
(14) To form Departmental Promotion and Recruitment Committee and deal with cases Relating to recruitment, promotion, transfer of all employees up to class-II posts.
(15) To deal with all matters relating to procurement of machineries and spare parts and security papers for the presses/unit offices under the Department.
(16) To prepare and scrutinize the budget for all unit offices under the Department.
(17) To deal with cases of pension/gratuity commutation of the retired employees under the Department.
(18) To prepare monthly statement of revenue receipts and budget recoveries from all unit Offices.
(19) To meet audit objections and deal with public accounts reports.
(20) To accord sanction of all bills regarding printing and stationery after proper scrutiny.
(21) To arrange annual verification of stocks in the presses and offices under the Department.
(22) To watch over the production and outturn reports of the machineries and presses.
(23) All administrative & financial activities of the Department shouldbe controlled as per Acts, Rules and Regulations and direction issued by the Government.
(24) To implement Govt. policy decisions issued from time to time.

Last Update : 10-06-2020

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