Extraordinary Gazette of February 1990

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27-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 85-Law/90 Ministry of Defence 1677
27-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 86-Law/90/som/R-19/90 Ministry of Public Administration 1679
25-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 78-Law/90/SKMBM/MBI-4/A-4-11/87 Ministry of Social Welfare 1541
25-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 79-Law/90/233-Abgari Ministry of Finance 1543
25-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 80-Law/90 sha-projei-3/1R-7/89/55 Ministry of LGRD 1545-1572
25-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 81-Law/90/Sha-11/1R-3/89/57 Ministry of LGRD 1573-1589
20-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 75-Law/90-113/88 Ministry of Planning 1449-1454(K)
20-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 77-Law/90 Ministry of Housing & Public Works 1431-1432
18-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 69-Law Ministry of Finance 1353-1355
18-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 72-Law/89/232-Abgari Ministry of Finance 1359-1362
18-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 74-Law/90/1276/Tax Ministry of Finance 1357
15-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 67-Law/90 Ministry of Finance 1197-1243
15-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 68-Law/90 Ministry of Housing & Public Works 1243
11-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 58-Law/89/229-Abgari Ministry of Finance 1057-1058
11-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 61-Law/90 sha-projei-3/1R-1/90/41 Ministry of LGRD 1059-5960
11-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 62-Law/90/34/86(simanto-2) Ministry of Home Affairs 1079
11-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 63-Law/90/1275/Tax Ministry of Finance 1081-1082
07-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 60-Law/90 sha-projei-3/1R/90/39 Ministry of LGRD 997-998
05-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 378-Law/89 Non Government Organization 925-965
04-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 55-Law/90/91/bikry kor Ministry of Finance 905
04-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 56-Law/90 sha-9/F-5/89 Ministry of Labour and Employment 907
01-Feb-1990 S.R.O. 51-Law/90/1270/Tax Ministry of Finance 891-893

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