Focus & Objectives

The Department of Printing and Publications is assigned to cater logistic and service supports to all sorts of Government Office from the secretariat down to a subordinate office situated at a very interior area of Bangladesh as well as Bangladesh Mission Embassy abroad. It provides office machinery, Stationery, Forms, Budgetary informat & materials, secret and security instruments required by the Government and its various Autonomous and Statutory bodies as and when required. Departmental works and activities are steered by its 3 (three) Productive/Press wings and 6 (six) offices. Most Offices and Presses are situated at the Tejgaon Industrial Area of Dhaka City.

The prime objectives of the Department are :—

(1) To facilitate Government Office by Print-producing Forms, Registers, Budget, Report, Classified matters, Government Gazette as required within a very short time.

(2) To print- Produce all sorts of electoral materials, ballot and print relevant stationery for conduction of elections.

(3) To procure paper, office machinery, stationery etc. from local and international market and ensure smooth      supply of the same against all stake holding Government Offices.

(4) To print-produce and supply Parliament Proceedings, Audit Report to PAC, High Court's daily case list, ADP   Reports Government reviews etc.

(5) To procure printing machinery, equipments, spare parts, instruments, chemicals raw-materials from local and     international market to meet the qualitative and quantities need of cliental offices.

Last Update : 04-02-2014

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