Extraordinary Gazette of May 1990

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31-May-1990 S.R.O. 203-Law/90/som/R-1/R-63/90 Ministry of Public Administration 4647
31-May-1990 S.R.O. 204-Law/90/Sha-Pour-2/2C-39/89 Ministry of LGRD 05/31/1990
30-May-1990 S.R.O. 197-Law/90 Ministry of Land 4631-4632
30-May-1990 S.R.O. 198-Law/90/sha-projei-3/1R-6/89/162 Ministry of LGRD 4635-4638
30-May-1990 S.R.O. 202-Law/90/sha-projei-3/1R-8/89/166 Ministry of LGRD 4639-4640
29-May-1990 S.R.O. 135-Law/90 Non Government Organization 4571-4630
29-May-1990 S.R.O. 194-Law/90/260-bicar-4/5C-7/83 Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary affairs 4561-4562
29-May-1990 S.R.O. 196-Law/90 Ministry of Finance 4563-4570(kh)
27-May-1990 S.R.O. 410-Law/89 Non Government Organization 4539-4550
27-May-1990 S.R.O. 190-Law/90 Ministry of Land 4537-4538
26-May-1990 S.R.O. 188-Law/90 Ministry of Shipping 4523-4532
24-May-1990 S.R.O. 185-Law/90/1PRO-58/80/D-9/Volium-1 Ministry of Defence 4485-4487
21-May-1990 S.R.O. 185-Law/90/BO: PRO:/8BA-9/90 Ministry of Shipping 4333
21-May-1990 S.R.O. 186-Law/90 Ministry of Land 4325-4331
19-May-1990 S.R.O. 181-Law/90/bhu:M:/sha-9-6/90 Ministry of Land 4249
19-May-1990 S.R.O. 182-Law/90/98/bikry kor Ministry of Finance 4251
19-May-1990 S.R.O. 183-Law/90/227-bicar-4/5C-16/84 Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary affairs 4259-4260
19-May-1990 S.R.O. 184-Law/90/sha-projei-3/90/127 Ministry of LGRD 4261-4262
15-May-1990 S.R.O. 180-Law/90 President's Secretariat 4019-4023
13-May-1990 S.R.O. 168-Law/90/Sha-Pour-2/2C-32/88 Ministry of LGRD 3975-3976 (K)
10-May-1990 S.R.O. 178-Law/90/1293/Tax Ministry of Finance 3951-3952
09-May-1990 S.R.O. 174-Law/90/som(bidhi-5)RR-15/88 Ministry of Public Administration 3927-3935
09-May-1990 S.R.O. 175-Law/90/OM/Obi/bk-3/9/88 Ministry of Finance 3937-3938
09-May-1990 S.R.O. 176-Law/90 President's Secretariat 3939-3945
06-May-1990 S.R.O. 170-Law/90 Ministry of Land 3859-3860
06-May-1990 S.R.O. 171-Law/90/1292/Tax Ministry of Finance 3861
03-May-1990 S.R.O. 145-Law/90 Non Government Organization 3807-3856
02-May-1990 S.R.O. 435-Law/89 Non Government Organization 3727-3764
02-May-1990 S.R.O. 169-Law/90 bibidh-9/87(Raj-4)/442 Ministry of Home Affairs 3721-3722

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