Extraordinary Gazette of October 1990

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31-Oct-1990 S,R,O,376-LAW/90 Ministry of Communication 8231-8231
29-Oct-1990 S,R,O,373-LAW/90/SHIPP-2/RULES-1/90 Ministry of Shipping 597-696
29-Oct-1990 S,R,O,374-LAW/90/1341/CUS Ministry of Finance 8149-8151
28-Oct-1990 S,R,O,371-LAW/90 Ministry of Education 8111-8111
28-Oct-1990 S,R,O,372-LAW/90/BRTA/3R-2/89 Ministry of Communication 8229-8230
24-Oct-1990 S,R,O,369-LAW/90 Ministry of Finance 5583-5590
23-Oct-1990 S,R,O,368-LAW/90 SA-9/F-2/89 (PART-1) Ministry of Labour and Employment 8075-8075
22-Oct-1990 S,R,O,366-LAW/89 Ministry of Commerce 8015-8025
22-Oct-1990 S,R,O,367-LAW/90 Ministry of Industries 8027-8028
21-Oct-1990 S,R,O,363-LAW/90 Ministry of Finance 8005-8010
21-Oct-1990 S,R,O,365-LAW/90 SA-MUNICIPAL-2/2 C-45/88 Ministry of LGRD 8011-8013
20-Oct-1990 S.R.O. 97-Law/90/baojpk/socibaly/songop:042/82 Non Government Organization 7931-7938
17-Oct-1990 S,R,O,362-LAW/90 Ministry of Finance 7889-7890
16-Oct-1990 S,R,O,360-LAW/90 Ministry of Education 7885-7885
16-Oct-1990 S,R,O,361-LAW/90 Ministry of Education 7887-7887
15-Oct-1990 S,R,O,358-LAW/90 Ministry of Education 7883-7883
13-Oct-1990 S.R.O.354-LAW/90 Ministry of Land 7877-7878
13-Oct-1990 S,R,O,365-LAW/90 SA-MUNICIPAL-2/GA SH-18-90 Ministry of LGRD 7879-7880
13-Oct-1990 S,R,O,357-LAW/90 Ministry of Education 7819-7819
09-Oct-1990 S,R,O,350-LAW/90 Ministry of Land 7807-7809
09-Oct-1990 S,R,O,351-LAW/90 Ministry of Land 7811-7811
08-Oct-1990 S,R,O,349-LAW/90/SA-PROJEI-3/1R-5/89/345 Ministry of LGRD 7743-7774
07-Oct-1990 S,R,O,348-LAW/90/1340/CUS Ministry of Finance 7799-7804
04-Oct-1990 S,R,O,346-LAW/90 Ministry of Land 8003-8004
02-Oct-1990 S,R,O,343/LAW/90/SM (RULES-4) RR-3/90 Ministry of Public Administration 7687-7688
02-Oct-1990 S,R,O,344-LAW/90/1338/CUS Ministry of Finance 7689-7704

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