Extraordinary Gazette of April 2012

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19-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 103-Law/2012 Ministry of Finance 18583-18625
19-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 105-Law/2012 Ministry of Labour and Employment 18121-18122
17-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 101-Law/2012 Ministry of LGRD 15689-15690
17-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 104-Law/2012 Ministry of Home Affairs 15691-15694
15-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 82-Law/2012 Cabinet Division 13667-13673
11-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 102-Law/2012 Ministry of Labour and Employment 12373
10-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 93-Law/2012 Ministry of Home Affairs 11201-11203
10-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 99-Law/2012 Ministry of Home Affairs 11231-11234
10-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 98-Law/2012 Ministry of Home Affairs 11223-11230
10-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 97-Law/2012 Ministry of Home Affairs 11221-11222
10-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 96-Law/2012 Ministry of Home Affairs 11213-11219
10-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 95-Law/2012 Ministry of Home Affairs 11209-11211
10-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 94-Law/2012 Ministry of Home Affairs 11205-11207
10-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 91-Law/2012 Ministry of Home Affairs 11199
09-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 92-Law/2012 Ministry of Home Affairs 10517-10519
09-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 90-Law/2012 Ministry of Industries 10515
09-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 89-Law/2012 Ministry of Industries 10513
09-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 88-Law/2012 Ministry of Industries 10511-10512
09-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 87-Law/2012 Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary affairs 10509
08-Apr-2012 নং ৪৮.০০.০০০০.০০৪.৩৭.০২৯.১২-১১৪।--প্রকৃত মুক্তিযোদ্ধার নামের তালিকা। Ministry of Liberation War Affairs 8601-8602
02-Apr-2012 S.R.O. No 33-Law/2012 Ministry of Health and Family Welfare 6329

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