Extraordinary Gazette of January 1990

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Date Description Ministry Page
31-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 8-Law/90 Non Government Organization 781-815
28-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 37-Law/90 Non Government Organization 631-686
28-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 40-Law/90 Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary affairs 607-608
28-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 46-L/90/som/moni/1-5/88 Ministry of Public Administration
28-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 47-Law/90/1267/Tax Ministry of Finance 615-621
28-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 49-Law/90 Ministry of Planning 623-629
25-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 32-Law/90 Ministry of Finance 589
25-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 33-Law/90/1265/Tax Ministry of Finance 591-593
25-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 37-Law/90 Ministry of Defence 631-686
25-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 39-Law/90/Sha-Pou-2/2C-32/88 Ministry of LGRD 597-599
24-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 26-Law/90 Ministry of Industries 559
24-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 27-Law/90/Sha-Pou-2/2C-14/86 Ministry of LGRD 561-562
24-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 28-Law/90/1264/Tax Ministry of Finance 563-564
24-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 29-Law/90 Ministry of Housing & Public Works 565-578
24-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 30-Law/89/227-Abgari Ministry of Finance 579-582
23-Jan-1990 S.R.O.45-LAW/89 National Parliament of Bangladesh 609-610
22-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 25-Law/90/SY-11/709 Non Government Organization 3643-3650
21-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 24-Law/90 Ministry of Commerce 521
20-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 18-Law/90 Ministry of Water Resources 479
20-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 19-Law/90/sha-9/F-1/89 Ministry of Labour and Employment 481-482
20-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 21-Law/90/1262/Tax Ministry of Finance 483-484
17-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 17-Law/90/1261/Tax Ministry of Finance 1291-1292
16-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 13-Law/90-bicar-4/1H-1/90 Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary affairs 377
16-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 15-Law/90/Sha-Pou-2/2C-10/86 Ministry of LGRD 379-380
16-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 16-Law/90 Ministry of Commerce 381-382
14-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 9-Law/90/1259/Cus Ministry of Finance 299-305
14-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 10-Law/90 Ministry of Finance 291
14-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 11-Law/90 Ministry of Finance 293-295
14-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 12-Law/90/1260/Tax Ministry of Finance 297
06-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 2-Law/90/shakha-6/Ni-6/89 Ministry of Labour and Employment 119-120
06-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 3-Law/90/1258/Tax Ministry of Finance 121-122
02-Jan-1990 S.R.O. 1-Law/90/ President's Secretariat 1

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