Extraordinary Gazette of November 1990

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29-Nov-1990 S.R.O. 409-L/80/ED/SP-II(M)-107/78 Cabinet Division 3769-3774
28-Nov-1990 S,R,O,415-LAW/90 Ministry of Education 8673-8673
28-Nov-1990 S,R,O,416-LAW/90 Ministry of Education 8675-8675
27-Nov-1990 S,R,O,410-LAW/90 Ministry of Education 8663-8663
27-Nov-1990 S,R,O,411-LAW/90 Ministry of Education 8665-8665
27-Nov-1990 S,R,O,412-LAW/90 Ministry of Education 8667-8667
27-Nov-1990 S,R,O,413-LAW/90 Ministry of Education 8669-8669
27-Nov-1990 S,R,O,414-LAW/90 Ministry of Education 8671-8671
25-Nov-1990 S,R,O,409-LAW/90 Ministry of Shipping 8589-8589
24-Nov-1990 S,R,O,408-LAW/90/1345/CUS Ministry of Finance 8585-8586
21-Nov-1990 S,R,O,406-LAW/90 Ministry of Defence 8557-8557
21-Nov-1990 S,R,O,407-LAW/90-BUSKAKS/PROSHA/NIBI-70/90 President's Secretariat 9541-9502
15-Nov-1990 S,R,O,399-LAW/90 Ministry of Land 8515-8515
15-Nov-1990 S,R,O,400-LAW/90 President's Secretariat 8517-8522
15-Nov-1990 S,R,O,401-LAW/90 SA-MUNICIPAL-2/GASH-12/90 Ministry of LGRD 8511-8513
15-Nov-1990 S,R,O,404-LAW/90 SA-MUNICIPAL-2/GASH-29/90 Ministry of LGRD 8553-8555
13-Nov-1990 S,R,O,397-LAW/90 Ministry of Land 8467-8468
13-Nov-1990 S,R,O,398-LAW/90 Ministry of Land 8469-8470
11-Nov-1990 S,R,O,389-LAW/90 President's Secretariat 8443-8445
08-Nov-1990 S.R.O. 263-Law/90/SY-11/670 Non Government Organization 8337-8412(T)
06-Nov-1990 S,R,O,381-LAW/90/MISC-15/89(POLL-4) Ministry of Home Affairs 8247-8257
06-Nov-1990 S,R,O,382-LAW/90 SM(R-3 ) S-67/87 Ministry of Public Administration 8259-8261
06-Nov-1990 S,R,O,383-LAW/90/SHIPP-2/RULES-4/90 Ministry of Shipping 8263-8268
06-Nov-1990 S,R,O,384-LAW/90 Ministry of Labour and Employment 8285-8285
06-Nov-1990 S,R,O,385-LAW/90 Ministry of Social Welfare 8287-8316
05-Nov-1990 S,R,O,379-LAW/90/1342/CUS Ministry of Finance 8237-8238
01-Nov-1990 S,R,O,377-LAW/90 Ministry of Jute and Textiles 8233-8233
01-Nov-1990 S,R,O,390-LAW/90 Ministry of Cultural Affairs 8447-8448
01-Nov-1990 S,R,O,391-LAW/90 Ministry of Public Administration 8449-8450
01-Nov-1990 S,R,O,392-LAW/90/SA-9/F-6/90 Ministry of Labour and Employment 8451-8451
01-Nov-1990 S,R,O,393/LAW/90 Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism 8453-8454
01-Nov-1990 S,R,O,394-LAW/90/CUS Ministry of Finance 8455-8455
01-Nov-1990 S,R,O,395-LAW/90/1343/CUS Ministry of Finance 8457-8459

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